Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360-degree video are fast entering the business of moving images

VRG aims to be a vital part of  the rapidly developing VR-ecosystem. Based in Helsinki, VRG will produce and export content and local production expertise into the international markets.


Jarmo Jape Kantola

Jape has been working in the video industry over three decades as a producer and concept developer. The past seven years he has acted an international IPR- and Licensing Agent at Screening Agency Ltd. His clients are such global brands as Winx and Maya the Bee (Maija Mehiläinen).

+358 (0)400 997 756


Harri Hati Harjunpää

Harri’s av-career begun in 1982 as the sound and lights supervisor at Helsinki’s Hotel President. Upon completing his camera operators / Cinematopgrapher’s training in 1984 Harri worked for several production companies: SKTV, Video Design Oy, Story Filmi Oy, Movia Oy and Vizio Oy.

During his long career Harri has produced video content from war documentaries to commercials. He has successfully combined the visual thinking and story telling to new technologies. Currently he is a media producer for Helsinki Virtual Hospital project where he creates the terveyskyla.fi-platform.

+358 (0)400 920 959


Timoteus Tuovinen

Timoteus’ career in moving images spans over three decades, starting with Finnish national television channels, where he acquired foreign programming, coproduced documentaries and kids’ programs and initiated new digital delivery strategies.

For the last ten years he has consulted media companies, specializing in new production and delivery models for content. Timoteus has a profound understanding about the media business and a vast network of international contacts.

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